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Archive for February, 2014


Four Essential Parts of a Payroll Processing Checklist During Tax Season

Written by admin. Posted in Employer services, Payroll for small companies, Payroll processing procedures

What is payroll processing system

With tax season just around the corner, small businesses need to make sure that all of their payroll and benefits information is organized and properly and that finances are in order. In order to do that, you might want to develop and be sure to follow a comprehensive payroll processing checklist that will account for every bit of information needed to complete tax filings properly. There might not be one list that accounts for every payroll program, but there are a handful of things that should be included in the majority of them.

Make Sure Employee Contact Info is Current

This is often the first item on a Continue Reading No Comments


How to Properly Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Written by admin. Posted in Commercial real estate values, Douglast e. fleit, Real estate investment company

What is a real estate investment trust

Did you know that commercial property often includes office buildings, medical centers, malls, and industrial property? Commercial real estate investing, although risky, can be a very rewarding experience when it is done correctly. In order to properly invest in commercial real estate, it is important to seek help from a good real estate investment company. By doing so, your commercial real estate investment will be more successful.

1. What is real estate investment? First and foremost, it is important to determine what it actually means to invest in commercial property. Investing in this type of property means committing capital to a real estate asset with the expectation of receiving a substantial return on your investment. This can be accomplished by putting your money into an inv


Big Data and Cleansing Services

Written by admin. Posted in Data center cleaning, Data cleaning services

Revenue recovery solutions

With a 400% growth rate between 2011 and 2012, data collection is becoming a critical business function. Using the proper data management solutions and the right revenue recovery services, your business can easily track transactions and revenue opportunities that may not be readily seen. When statistically, about 70 percent of the average businesses have data collected by individual contributors, but then about 80 percent of the data gets managed by the enterprise, you run into data quality issues. In order to insure that the data is valid, you can use data cleaning companies to filter out the inconsistencies or inaccuracies.

In terms of the capabilities of revenue recove