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Archive for August, 2013


Credit card processing online —- [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

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Buy a Lot of REO Properties?

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Bulk reo buyers

When a homeowner defaults on a home loan, the bank often forecloses on the house and it becomes a bank owned or real estate owned property, more commonly known as an REO property. REO properties are often purchased by institutional buyers who own real estate investment trusts or make large scale private purchases. The process of buying a reo property is a complex one, though the process of finding REO property for sale is less so. In this article, we’ll explore the questions of how to find REO properties and how to buy REO properties.

How to Find REO Properties

Though Reo property listings are included in trad


Could the Dinar Make You a Millionaire?

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What is dinar rv

Is investing in Iraqi dinar a wise investment, or a poor waste of money?

This has been a topic of much debate in the currency market. Many people claim that the coming United States revaluation rate of the Iraqi currency since American occupation will be high enough to make investors into millionaires overnight.

Others, however, peg the supposed dinars to dollars miracle as a simple get rich quick scheme. The only suggestion I can offer is to do your research, and stay in tune with news pertaining to Iraq current events. That is the only way to know if a dinar to dollars exchange rate will ever be worth the initial dollars the investment requires.

Iraq is nicknamed “the cradle of civilization,” because it is one of the most ancient regions in the world to make advancements in the arts, mathematics, and sci